Finn Eccleston

In theory, Finn Eccleston is a self-described enigma wrapped inside a mystery. In reality, he is a shy and private individual, hence the photo around.

An aspiring author, Finn wrote his first book, The Community, at the age of fifteen…and sixteen…and perhaps even seventeen. It took a while.

Currently studying full-time, he finds time to write in between lectures, assignments, exams, and essays. It’s a much-needed break.

Writing has always been a passion of his. After The Community, available wherever books can be found, he wrote another yet-to-be-released book and is hard at work on expanding his portfolio.

Keep an eye out for future releases, including The Circle Theory Makebelieveia Story, available as part of your FREE subscriber gift.

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The Community

“A book worth reading by a promising writer.” Lars Walker, Brandywine Books

What if every memory you had of your life was not your own?

The Circle Theory Makebelieveia Adventure Story

Yes, that’s the title.

Herolia was a heroine, living in her tiny rural town at the edge of the world. She just didn’t know it yet.

But my oh my, was she ever about to.

Project M #2 -- Opening Chapter

The series continues with this action-packed adventure.

In the latest installment in the Project M trilogy, Jay must lead everyone — loved and not so loved ones alike — to freedom and salvation before it’s too late for them all.


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