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Is Your Best Player Good Enough To Win A Title?

(And Other Basketball Articles)


This collection of articles is all about the stars of the NBA and the most important questions about them:

  • Are they good enough to win a championship as the best player?
  • And if not, can they fit next to the best player?
  • And how do you compare stars from previous generations to the ones of this generation?

Past, present, and future collide as I attempt to lay down ground rules on scouting talent and on how to go about ‘talk show’ topics.

Read now to learn how to evaluate true superstar talent, and whether your favourite player measures up (or not).

Chapters include:

  • Basketball – An Individual Sport Inside of a Team Sport
  • Is Your Best Player Good Enough to Win a Title? (And If Not, Can They Fit Next to Someone Better?)
  • Scarcity Increases Perceived Value: The Stars of Yesterday vs The Stars of Today
  • Why nostalgia makes people think the old NBA was better (and how nostalgia impacts the way we remember the past)
  • Why the best of all time is a relative discussion (and how to compare generations)
  • Why every player today is better than every player 20 years ago (and why that’s a misleading title but a true fact)
  • Today’s Stars: Good Enough or Not? A List
  • And more!

Happy reading. Read…nah I’m just playing, I won’t hit you with the combo breaker CTA. Happy reading!

Release Date: March 18, 2024

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