USS PRIMIS: The First Starship



Synopsis: A young couple is out boating when she suddenly tells him she wants him.

Warding off her efforts to initiate in the middle of the lake, they putter around until they find a partially deserted private island. There they both unleash their wildest selves to love and lust and sex.

Sexy, funny, romantic, and heart-warming, Lake Island is a reminder of the beauty that life can hold.

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P.S. It’s a tale of two college-aged kids, young adults who are still somewhat in the cradle of youth without responsibility, but are coming of age and beginning to think about the rest of their lives.

While they still enjoy their young love and live in the moment, these thoughts do creep in during moments of stillness.

Release Date: April 24, 2024

Retailers: Amazon – KDP Select

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I’m currently working on a larger Cottage book, a collection of short stories and novelettes, which includes Lake Island.

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