M.H. Altis

Nicknamed ‘The Human Resource’ by their friends due to their penchant for pulling random facts out of thin air, they wrote their first short story when they were young, scribbling away with a stubby pencil and a dollar store spiral-bound notebook. Ever since then, they’ve been hooked.

M.H. writes to express themself, their thoughts, ideas, and emotions. They also have a deep interest in how fiction connects to reality and how character arcs mirror our own lives.

M.H. Altis has written several books, from 250,000-word epics to 50,000-word dashes. With a growing and unreleased catalogue, they decided it was finally time to share their creations with the world.

With curiosities and creations ranging from medieval times to outer space, alternate universes to the one we inhabit, and everything in between, you’ll be sure to find something you love.

Currently, they’re writing short fiction and working on their debut novel, USS Primis: The First Starship. You can find Pursuit, a short story, wherever eBooks are sold, and Canoeing for Casuals as part of your FREE subscriber gift.

Editor’s Note: Pursuit is truly everywhere we could find. If there’s a marketplace you like and it’s not there, please let us know – we’ll find a way to get it there.

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USS PRIMIS: The First Starship

The first manned mission to recolonize a failing Earth goes horribly wrong.

Coming soon.

Canoeing for Casuals

Jimmy attempts to woo Susan by taking her canoeing. It…does not go as planned.

Young love is rarely simple, after all.


“This short story has an excellent surprise ending.” – Goodreads Review

All things must come to an end, good or bad – even humanity.


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